Red Epic
(2) Panasonic Eva1
Canon 5d

20mm 1.5 Sigma Cinema Prime
85mm 1.5 Sigma Cinema Prime
14-24mm 2.8 Sigma Art
24-70mm 2.8 Sigma Art
70-200mm 2.8 Sigma Sports
100mm 2. Zeiss Milvus Macro

Sound Devices 302 Mixer
Sennhieser 416 Boom Mic
Audix SCX1-HC Boom Mic
Sennhieser G3 Wireless Lav




(4) Astera Titan Tubes
(2) Astera AX10 SpotMax
(4) Astera AX3
Kino Celeb 401
Kino Diva 400
(2) 1x1 Dedo Felloni Light Panels
(2) 1x1 Lite Panels
(3) 600w LED Bi Color Fresnel

(9) C-Stands
(3) Combo Stand
(2) Triple Riser Beefy Baby Stand
(9) Lite Weight Baby Stands
(2) Cardellini Clamp
(2) Scissor Clamps
(6) Baby Base Plates
(4) 12' Stinger
(4) 25' Stinger
(1) 50' Stinger
6x6 Frame
4x4 Flag Kit
2x3 Flag Kit
Assorted Diffusion and Gels

Genie Intervalometer
Panning and Tracking Timelapse
Combine with Slider or Dana Dolly


Movi Pro Gimbal
DJI Ronin-M Stabilizer
Sachtler 100mm Tripod
(2) Sachtler 75mm tripod
Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus
Chrosziel Follow Focus
Chrosziel 4x5 Mattbox
Cavision light weight Follow Focus
Long Valley Compact XL Jib
Cinevate 3' Slider Dolly
15mm base support & Rods
15mm Handheld rig  
Car Mount Rig
Dana Dolly Package

Teradek Bolt 500 XT
SmallHD 7” Daylight Bolt Receiver
Panasonic 17” 
(2) SmallHD 702
SmallHD DP6

Email for housing requests
Full Scuba Gear & Advance Certs.
Additional Snorkel Set

(2) Phantom

If you need something that isn’t listed.
Shoot me an email at